The complete product design service for industry and tech start-ups; working with you to enhance your business.

Concept Development

This generally represents the first stage of the development cycle and the start of your new product journey. Firstly, we listen to what you tell us. We then produce a design brief, encompassing all your ideas and requirements.

The concept development process usually includes brainstorming sessions and the rapid generation of many concepts. This is very much a ‘blue sky’ phase, during which we consider all options. This usually results in many hand-drawn concept sketches that are later refined.


 Materials Research

Correct materials selection is vitally important when developing any product. Consideration must be given to wear, durability, usage, cost and manufacture, as well as environmental and health/safety factors.

We conduct a complete materials analysis to ensure we select the right materials for your product.


Industrial Design

Industrial Design is most simply defined as the design of products for mass-production. We take a holistic approach to design, considering all aspects of the product’s design and expected lifecycle. This may include factors such as user anthropometrics, ergonomics, aesthetics, form, function, reliability, servicing and production efficiency as well as cost and environmental/health concerns.

We integrate Industrial Design, engineering and all other aspects of product development to ensure a product that meets and exceeds your requirements.


3D Visualisation

We produce high-quality concept images for review, presentation and even product promotion.

Concept images are often generated through a combination of techniques. This may include hand-sketching, digital rendering and presentation using Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

We can also create photo-realistic renders based on your 3D CAD models. This allows us to produce multiple, photographic quality images of your product.


3D Modelling

As part of the design process, we use SolidWorks 3D CAD to refine and develop your product. We have extensive 3D modelling experience and can model anything from a single part to a complex assembly.

This process allows us to verify fit, function and manufacturability of your product.

Your 3D models may then be used to create photo-realistic images if required. This produces high-quality, photographic images that are often useful for review or even promotional purposes. 


2D Drawings

We provide everything you need to put your new product into production, including complete engineering/production drawings.

Providing manufacturers with correct and complete information is crucial for a successful product launch. It’s vital that the the right information is conveyed to your manufacturers; leaving room for assumption is never a good idea. As such, we make sure your drawings are properly detailed, including specific instructions and allowable tolerances to ensure trouble-free manufacture and operation of your product.

We offer a complete 2D drawing service, producing fully detailed production drawings to BS 8888. These are generally included as part of our final deliverable.  



We produce prototype units for testing and assessment of your product.

During this process, we make use of the latest in rapid-prototyping technology to provide high-quality prototypes on a short turnaround. A wide range of materials and finishes is available and we commonly use processes including SLA, SLS, 3D printing, machining and vacuum casting. When required, our prototypes can be finished to a very high/production-grade standard.

We can also arrange production of prototype printed circuit boards where required, allowing us to produce fully functioning units for evaluation.



Testing ensures your product is fit for its intended purpose and market. We offer a complete testing service including user/functional testing as well as a range of environmental and EMC testing to all major global standards. Our deliverable package includes comprehensive test reports and certification where required.

We can test for high/low temperature, thermal shock, humidity, altitude, vibration, shock, acceleration, salt mist, life-cycle and much more depending on your needs.



It’s not enough for your product to look great, it has to work well too.

We have the expertise to ensure your product works as intended every time. We consider every aspect of your product’s function and conduct an extensive mechanical and engineering analysis to ensure correct operation under all expected conditions. This includes a complete tolerance analysis, during which we consider manufacturing processes to examine your product’s operation under all tolerance conditions.


 Electrical Design

We specialise in the development of electronic and technology-based products. As well as Industrial Design and engineering, we also integrate the latest in electronic, printed circuit board and firmware design to ensure flawless and class-leading performance.

We can also arrange production of prototype circuit boards for testing purposes, providing fully functioning units for testing and evaluation where required.


Intellectual Property Assistance

It is important that your product is properly protected.  We understand that this can sometimes be a daunting process, so we are happy to assist. We have trusted partners who can help with regard to patents and design rights, both within the UK and internationally.


Production Liaison

Successful product design considers all stakeholders. Throughout the development cycle, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure products that can be produced reliably, efficiently and cost effectively. Our network of contacts is extensive and includes manufacturers within the UK and also overseas.