Ready to Use Safety Syringe


The ready to use safety syringe was developed for a start-up company who wanted to develop a unique, ready-filled syringe for use in remote areas.

This product is intended for the treatment of various conditions in locations which may be largely inaccessible. As part of our brief, the client specified that the drug stored within the syringe must have a shelf-life exceeding 5 years.

Although other ready-filled syringes are available, these products are largely constructed from plastics such as polycarbonate. This material allows easy, cost-effective manufacture, however, over time, such plastics allow permeation of oxygen and this can adversely affect the drug itself. As such, we conducted extensive research to determine suitable materials and manufacturing processes for the syringe.

Another important consideration was the need for a safety feature to prevent re-use or potential needle-stick injuries. This is vitally important as needle re-use can lead to transmission of serious illnesses.

During the early development stages, many mechanical concepts were considered. Existing products were tested and examined as we looked to develop a reliable mechanism. SolidWorks 3D CAD was then used to develop these concepts and prototypes were created for initial testing. A preferred concept was then selected and refined. During this process, a complete tolerance analysis was conducted to ensure reliable operation at all tolerance extremes.

The final product makes use of a glass barrel to protect against oxygen permeation and the required 5-year shelf life has been verified through an accelerated aging programme. The safety mechanism causes the needle to retract into the barrel immediately after the injection stroke, thereby preventing re-use or injury to the clinician. This mechanism also ensures that the drug is fully administered every time, without waste.

The syringe has been exhaustively tested and approved to FDA standards.

Final deliverables for this project included production drawings, test documentation/certification and promotional images.

This product has since been patented in several countries throughout the world.