Marine Trackball


This device is a USB trackball and was developed for an established manufacturer of peripherals and user interfaces. It was developed specifically for use in harsh, marine and industrial environments where electronic products would normally be prone to rapid corrosion and failure.

This unit has a fully sealed design, preventing ingress of fluids and salt mist when used in marine environments.

Many users prefer trackballs over conventional computer mice as they offer superior ergonomics and reliable function regardless of the surface they are used on. An extensive research and concept development phase was carried out to determine the optimum form for the device. As a result, the final product is comfortable for all users, regardless of hand size.

SolidWorks 3D CAD was used to refine the design in preparation for tooling and production. The device was designed to ensure reliability, ease of manufacture and low production cost.

Rendering software was used to create promotional material and the final deliverable included all production drawings and documentation necessary to produce the device.