Gaming Machine


This project was undertaken for a prominent manufacturer of components and accessories for use in the electronic gaming industry. The final product allowed the client to expand their business by launching their own range of gaming machines.

In this case, the client was looking for a design partner who had experience with regard to gaming machine and electro-mechanical product design.

Throughout the development cycle, we worked closely with our customer. They supplied us with key technology elements such as card readers, touch-screen monitors and other internal components including the electronics. We then began to develop the surrounding mountings, fascias and physical assemblies. Much consideration was given to the form and function of the unit. The design was developed to stand alongside existing competitor products in clubs and bars where there may be a large number of machines in close proximity. Visual impact was therefore a key consideration. The product was designed to stand out whilst providing an impression of quality and a user-friendly interface in line with other market-leading products.

The unit was developed to minimise production costs and ensure ease and consistency of manufacture. As such, we worked closely with various manufacturers, both locally and overseas to ensure that all components were designed in a manner that optimised production capabilities.

Reliability and maintenance also had to be considered. The unit was designed to facilitate regular maintenance including emptying the cash hopper and also period servicing/replacement of the internal electro-mechanical subassemblies.

This project required an initial concept design phase, followed by extensive detail design and development. SolidWorks 3D CAD was used to ensure fit and function of all components. As part of the final deliverable package, we supplied the client with a complete set of production drawings and all documentation required for manufacture. The deliverable also included the production of promotional images using rendering software as well as Adobe Illustrator.