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The Little Known Design Tips That Could Save Your Start-up

Starting a company is like walking a tightrope. It’s exciting but often fraught with anxiety. On one hand, you’ve got a great idea, perhaps even a game-changer. But on the other hand, you’re well aware that lots of start-ups fail – approximately 50% according the latest UK figures. And it’s a terrible shame. CB Insights and Forbes magazine recently published a study highlighting the top 20 reasons start-ups fail. So, today, we’re going to look at some of the main reasons, and how they can be avoided.

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Design Simplicity: What we can Learn From Steve Jobs and the Humble Paperclip

When you think about iconic Industrial Design, what products come to mind? Perhaps the Mini Cooper, the Sony Walkman or the Dyson cyclonic vacuum. It’s probably fair to say, that the paperclip wouldn’t feature on most people’s lists, but I think it’s actually one of modern history’s greatest and most iconic product designs. Why? Because of its design simplicity. It’s everything it needs to be and nothing it doesn’t.

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Designing Products for Manufacture

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with many manufacturers. In fact, it’s something I really enjoy. One of the most satisfying parts of the product design process, is seeing a design turn into an actual finished product. Most Industrial Designers consider the end-user when designing a product, but good designers consider all stakeholders and all aspects of the products lifecycle, including manufacture.

In my experience, I’ve found there are five crucial mistakes that Industrial Designers make.

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But Why? Clearing the Way for Innovation

When we were kids, we used to question everything! “Why is the sky blue?”, “Where does the sun go when it’s dark?”, “Why can’t I see my eyes?”.

But, as we get older, we’re taught not to question. Don’t question your parents, don’t question your bosses and don’t question authority. Sometimes, there’s a very good reason and it’s only healthy to respect the status quo, but it can be a real barrier to innovation.

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Demystifying the Design Process

Let’s be honest; new product development can be a daunting prospect! You’ve got a good idea, but how do go about making it a reality? And where do you even begin? Lots of inventors and companies find themselves in that position, and many good ideas never really go any further.

But product development doesn’t need to be scary, in fact it should be an exciting time. There is immense satisfaction in seeing a good idea come to fruition and huge benefit for your business when you get it right. In a competitive market, having the right product is critical to your company’s success, so effective product design is important. And effective design hinges on an effective design process.

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What is Industrial Design?

We all use hundreds of products every day; some we love and some we loathe. But have you ever stopped to consider where they come from or how they came into being? If the answer is no, then you’re not alone.

Whenever I meet someone new and they ask what I do, they’re usually surprised to learn that I am an Industrial Designer, and even more surprised when I explain what an Industrial Designer actually does. It’s a job title that most people haven’t even heard before, yet Industrial Designers are responsible for creating many of the products that we use each day.

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