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But Why? Clearing the Way for Innovation

When we were kids, we used to question everything! “Why is the sky blue?”, “Where does the sun go when it’s dark?”, “Why can’t I see my eyes?”.

But, as we get older, we’re taught not to question. Don’t question your parents, don’t question your bosses and don’t question authority. Sometimes, there’s a very good reason and it’s only healthy to respect the status quo, but it can be a real barrier to innovation.

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Demystifying the Design Process

Let’s be honest; new product development can be a daunting prospect! You’ve got a good idea, but how do go about making it a reality? And where do you even begin? Lots of inventors and companies find themselves in that position, and many good ideas never really go any further.

But product development doesn’t need to be scary, in fact it should be an exciting time. There is immense satisfaction in seeing a good idea come to fruition and huge benefit for your business when you get it right. In a competitive market, having the right product is critical to your company’s success, so effective product design is important. And effective design hinges on an effective design process.

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