Augmented Reality Glasses


This product was developed for a middle-eastern client who wanted to utilise high-end technology to promote his country at a major sporting event.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows a user to view the world around them but overlays virtual content, so it appears to be part of the real world.

This delivers an enhanced version of reality where real-time views of the user’s physical surroundings are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images, thereby enhancing their perception of the world around them. Users experience a new, improved natural world in which the real world and a virtual world coexist. 

The term augmented reality was originally coined by Boeing researcher Thomas Caudell way back in 1990, when he used it to describe a head-mounted display, developed for use by electricians for use when assembling complex wiring harnesses.

Today, the technology is used across many industries including medical, energy, tourism marketing and public safety applications. It is also becoming more widely used across many digital platforms and consumer products.

This particular product was developed in 2011, well before AR technology became commonplace. Our client intended to provide AR based entertainment for spectators at the AFC Asian Cup. Working to a tight deadline, we were able to source what was then cutting-edge technology. This was integrated into a specially designed frame. Several iterations were developed with styling intended to capture local themes and motifs. The product was developed for an affluent market with expensive tastes and so the finished product had to reflect a sense of quality and prestige. As such, it was developed to incorporate high-end materials and finishes. The design process required an extensive research and concept development stage. Several mock-up units were then produced in order to refine the design. Throughout the project, local customs also had to be considered and so the product was developed with these sensitivities in mind.